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Transmissão de notícias

  • Dia Internacional dos Trabalhadores
    International Workers' Day, also called Labour Day .We will have our labor holiday from April 30th-May 4th.Enjoy your holiday and be happy!
  • Barreira expansível
    A barreira de tráfego plástica expansível é popular para muitos grupos de clientes por causa de seus recursos leves e convenientes para mover e armazenar, recursos bonitos e acessíveis.
  • Space trip trio--Welcome home!
    Chinese astronaut space trip trio--Zhai zhigang, Wang yaping and Ye guangfu, by Shenzhou 13 were back home on April 16th. Though 6 months,at the basis of Shenzhou 12, they completed more than 20 on-orbit scientific experiments, Finished twice in and out of the space capsule, and twice ‘Tiangong cla
  • Ramadan Begins
    The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is Ramadan. Ramadan is a great, festive, auspicious and noble month because Allah sent the Qur'an to Muslims during this month.The beginning and end of Ramadan is based on the appearance of the new moon, that is, on the evening of August 29th in the Islamic ca
  • Qingming Festival Food Qingtuan
    Qingming Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival.Most people go to sweep tombs and commemorate their ancestors. This year,our public qingming holiday is from 3th-5th.Sweet green rice balls are a popular Qingming food.The dessert is made of a mixture of glutinous rice flour and filled with red b
  • Update CE certificates
    Update our CE certificates. ​Since 2008, we try our best to offer our best quality and service for customers from all over the world. ​Welcome to consult by email, message, etc.​
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